• Products / Services Promo Video 120 sec in HD1080P (Maximum 2 minutes)

Products / Services Promo Video 120 sec in HD1080P (Maximum 2 minutes)

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One of the best advantages of video marketing is that videos you create will last for years and will get you more exposure with time. 

Usually advertisements die out within a short time, but opposite is true with viral videos, so you will continue to reap benefits for years.

Improved conversion rates - up by 49%

Increase and improve visibility online by 82%

Better visitor engagement by 33%

Better social media exposure.

While using search engine, Internet users check what all is listed on the second page of the results. 

Mostly, videos are give much higher priority than pictures, text and audio files thus giving you a much better chance to pass on your marketing message. 

By adding videos to your website, you can help it rank high and make your company more noticeable.

However cost is one of the main factors in companies using video marketing.

Another reason, is the short products product life cycle.

Lastly companies have too many products to focus on.

Now at ivaluepack, we are offering product / service promotion videos at affordable prices.

Leadtime: 6 working days (after receiving full payment and materials for our production)

All materials should be send to us via Wetransfer at valuepacksg@gmail.com

You are Not allowed to make changes after the video is completed.

However if the fault lies with us, we will amend accordingly within 3 work days.

Event: Christmas, Mother's Day, Wedding etc

Product Promotion

Product Tutorial

Service Promotion


What you need to provide us:

1. Photos and Videos
2. Testimonials

Example of a Product Promo Video

Storyboard 1 

A hooking phrase


Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Flash sales

Limited Time Offer

Free Samples

Great Singapore Sales

Storyboard 2

Problems of current situation

Storyboard 3

Solutions to above problems

Storyboard 4


Storyboard 5

Call to Action


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